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29/52 | Flower Child, Death Star Protest on Flickr.

52 Weeks of Star Wars is a weekly photo project starring various characters from the Star Wars franchise. This photo project is a continuation of sorts to my original series; 365 Days of Clones, specially my Cloned Photos mini-series.

Today marks the Twentieth Ninth creation in this year long adventure. As the title suggests; 52 Weeks of Star Wars, one new photo will be taken, edited and added to the running total every Sunday. The twist is that all the images will be a recreation of sorts of a previous image. Some; like today, will be a recreation from a famous image of the 20th century, while others will be movie posters or album covers. There may even be the odd recreation of a painting!

“Flower Child, Death Star Protest” is my recreation of Marc Riboud’s iconic image of the 1967 Vietnam War Protests at the Pentagon.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose to create a Cloned Photo base upon this iconic image. Jan Rose Kasmir; the flower child in the photo, had a lot of guts to stand up for what she believed in. Similarly; Princess Leia stood up for what she believed in, even in the presence of Darth Vader. I have also always liked the juxtaposition of the armed forces and the flower child and thought that the juxtaposition of Stormtroopers and Princess Leia would be equally intriguing.

This is another image that I attempted to photograph last October on the anniversary of the original shot, but was not happy with it, so I did something else. I am much more satisfied with this version.


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